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Rice Cooker Severin

Product code: 200.0001446
Rice cooker with a 650W output, a 3-liter capacity, a removable non-stick bowl, and an additional steam tier for steam cooking.
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There isn’t an easier way to cook rice than to use this cooker right here. Why? Because your rice won’t stick, you won’t have to constantly stir it and, when it will be ready, it will be kept warm until you consume it.

This rice cooker is suitable for all kinds of rice.


I usually receive messages in which you tell me that your rice did not turn out good. That it sticks to the pot, that it is raw, or that it’s not fluffy. So, in order to help you out, I brought this rice cooker at akiseshop.com! A cooking device in which you can cook any type of rice with absolute success.

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