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Kids Lunch Bag With Markers

Product code: 100.00880
For kids who want to carry their snack in their own personal style! Dimensions: 24x32cm.
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This set consists of a lunch bag with a black and white design and a set of markers with which kids will be able to color the design however they like. 

Lunch bag made of non-woven fabric. It is a durable, eco-friendly fabric deriving from polypropylene, which is easy to be produced, while it is characterized as one of the eco-friendliest ones due to its short split time and its ability to be 100% recycled.

An original lunch bag which has each kid’s personal style since it is called to choose the colors that it will use to fill the design. It is perfect for the kid to transfer its snack, some of its favorite toys or even a change of clothes.

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