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Kids Cooking Apron With Markers

Product code: 100.00881
Now, your kids will color their cooking apron with their favorite colors and then, they will wear it to get in the kitchen and create savory and sweet treats! Ages: up to 7 years old
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In this kit, you will find the cooking apron with a design, but also a package with markers so that your kids will color their apron.

Cooking apron made of non-woven fabric. It is a durable, eco-friendly fabric deriving from polypropylene, which is easy to be produced, while it is characterized as one of the eco-friendliest ones due to its short split time and its ability to be 100% recycled.

Imagination and creativity always belong in the kitchen. So, cook along with your kids and try to give them reasons to experience the whole process as beautifully and as fun as possible.

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