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Christmas Trees Baking Cup Set

Product code: 200.363
High quality baking cups what are not deformed during baking. The set included 30 baking cups. Dimensions: 400 mm
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These are the classic baking cups we all know. They have been tested and are resistant to high temperatures. You can “dress” with them your homemade cupcakes.

These particular baking cups will maintain their shape and allow you to bake your cupcakes easily, safely and without staining your baking pans or oven. You have to fill them up to ¾ however.

If you like making homemade, handmade cupcakes? Then these cups are exactly what you need. Do you know something? If you think that you need them to made only sweet cupcakes, you are wrong ;-) You can use them to bake savory cupcakes, omelets, even an egg if you want to bake it in the oven (after breaking it in a paper cup)! As we have already told, cooking and baking require lots of imagination

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