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Dinner Plates

Food Plate Midnight

Product code: 600.00209
Availability: 5 - 7 days
Two-tone, ceramic dinner plate with a minimal design, very durable in use. Diameter: 27cm  
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Θέλεις να διακοσμήσεις το τραπέζι σου χωρίς να το φορτώσεις; Τότε, τα συγκεκριμένα πιάτα θα σε βοηθήσουν να πετύχεις το αποτέλεσμα που θέλεις χωρίς... υπερβολές!

If you want, you can combine it with the dessert plate and the bowl of the same range, and give your table setting a new image!


Another favorite dinner plate of mine! As soon as I saw it, I started creating my very own set. I use it quite often as it can fit not only in a simple lunch but also in a more festive occasion. The best part? It is so incredibly beautiful that does not “overshadow” the…content, but demonstrates it!

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