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Wooden Lemon Juicer

Product code: 200.269
Made of beech wood, this lemon juicer will become one your favorite kitchen tools. Length: 10 cm
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If you like wooden tools and utensils, then you should definitely add this lemon juicer to your collection. It is beautiful, practical, and -above all- useful!

Even the simplest and most common tools can make our lives easier and our kitchens more beautiful. This wooden lemon juicer is one of them.


I like wooden items in my kitchen. Every time I see one, I get it, I try it out, and if I see that it is good, I suggest it so that you will get it too. And this is exactly what I did with this wooden lemon juicer. Of course, do not be fooled by its name…It can be used not only for lemons, but also for all the other citrus fruits.


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