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Pastry Molds

Product code: 200.486
Metallic springform pan No 23 with lag non-stick coating. It can be used from -60 to +230°C without affecting the sweet's texture. Height: 6cm
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Due to the non-stick coating that this particular springform pan has, you can easily and successfully remove anything you make. Moreover, when you finish, you can either clean it in the sink with a sponge or put it in the dishwasher

The particular springform pan is not only heat but also cold resistant. That means that it can be safely placed both in the oven and in the refrigerator.

The cake pan, casserole, frying pan, baking pan and -generally- all cookware, are your No1 ally in the kitchen. Why? Because they will assist you in cooking and they will be able to give you the desired result, by securing not only you but also the food that you will consume. For this exact reason, it is important to invest in good and tested cookware, like the one that I suggest here! 

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