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Cooking Utensils

Wood Face Kitchen Scale

Product code: 200.00134
Kitchen Scale with a large LCD display and touch control sensors for weight accuracy.
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The Wood Face Kitchen Scale has a plastic surface that is easy and healthy to maintain. It has an incremental weighing function and a TARE function for weighing without including the additional weight of the container. It can weight up to 5 kilograms (1 gr precision).

This specific scale has an option to select measuring units (g/ml), weight sensitivity 1 g, weak battery and overloading indicator. It automatically turns off when in sleep mode. Included accessories: 2x CR2032 batteries

Kitchen Scales are a necessary tool for your kitchen. Why? Because it lets you precisely weight your ingredients and follow your recipe to the letter. This will guarantee you the best possible result – something that is true in cooking and much more so in baking!

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