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Edible toppers

Food Coloring Paste Yellow

Product code: 200.00092
Wilton's line of food coloring pastes are the ideal choice when you want to add pretty colors to your food and sweets. All you need is a small amount to give a rich deep color to your cakes, sugar pastes or anything else you make! Package - 28 g
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Wilton's  line of food coloring pastes allow you to add bright colors to all of your doughs, meringues, whiped cream, creams, glazes by using just a small amount. The dye is safe to be used  for items that will be baked as well as items that will be eaten without baking and will not in any way alter their flavor or consistency... and of course never affect the outcome of your recipe!  

The line of food coloring pastes comes in the following colors: black, blue, red, green and orange.

With these food coloring pastes you can finally create those bright, beautiful colors you see in all the recipes for macaroons, Yellow Velvet cake, Yellow Velvet cupcakes and any other sweets, pastries or foods! All you have to do is choose your favorite colors!

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