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Paper Straws Pineapple

Product code: 200.00269
A beautiful, original, and fun way to serve a juice, soft drink, slush, or any other kind of beverage.
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A kid’s party? Playful mood? Mood for something different? The motives to use the particular straws are so many! All you have to do is find the one that suits you best!

You can find these paper straws in several designs. So, all you have to do is use them one by one and then, choose your favorite.

I have told you countless times that in cooking, one of the most basic elements of success is the imagination! However, this does not only apply to cooking but also to decorating each recipe that comes out of your kitchen. Whether it’s food, dessert, or beverage! So, therefore I decided to supply my e-shop’s…shelves with these amazing straws that will boost the mood of kids and grown-ups too!

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