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Large cooking vazo gualino 8cm 940x700

Food Storage

Glass Food Storage Jar "Cooking"

Product code: 600.00105
This glass food storage jar has a secure metallic lid. The “Cooking” jar is an essential item for your kitchen since it helps you store your ingredients and foods as well as organize them. They have a stylish design and suit any kitchen! Height: 8 cm.
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An essential part of a well-organized kitchen are food storage containers. They will help you safely store all of your various spices, ingredients or foods separately and in an orderly fashion.

Are you they type of person that likes be able to see the contents of each of our storage containers in the kitchen? Then this jar is the perfect choice for you, since it allows you to find what we need quickly and easily with just one look! 

The truth is that I have various types of food storage containers in my kitchen. Wooden, glass and metallic. They help me keep all of the things tidy and organized so that I can always find what I’m looking for when I’m cooking! This is one of my favorite glass containers!

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