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Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Towel Holder Buddy

Product code: 600.00113
You’ve found the nicest looking kitchen towel holder! It is practical and functional with a great design! It will become your favorite and most necessary kitchen accessory on your countertop!
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For many people, paper towels are a necessity in the kitchen. In this case, a paper towel holder is essential, since it will keep it stable and help you tear off each piece quickly and easily every time you need it!

Combine it with a napkin holder Buddy to create a great set for your kitchen. It will look beautiful on the kitchen table or on your countertop. 

I love the way… your Buddy… hugs the paper towels! It proves that a lot of thought was put into the creation of this particular product. In my opinion, decorative objects belong in the kitchen, as well as in the living room! Your kitchen also deserves your attention! 

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