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Cooking Utensils

Tongs Fiber Glass

Product code: 200.00067
Tongs spoon made out of durable nylon fiber glass suitable for food. Exceptionally durable up to 250C (482F) and ideal for non-stick or ceramic cookware.
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Do you want to turn over the meat you have cooking in the oven or in the pan? These tongs will help you do this quickly, easily and with absolute safety.


These tongs are perfect for cooking and even serving. Meet your new right hand man in the kitchen!

Tongs can really help you, safely and easily,  turn your meat over in the oven or in the hot pan without you having to pierce it. What does this mean for your food? It means that it will remain juicy and tasty, since it will not lose any of its juices from holes made from other utensils, like a fork.

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