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The Ultimate Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbook

Product code: 300.083380
Over 140 vegetarian and vegan recipes by Akis Petretzikis. Pages: 240 | Dimensions: 22x27 cm | Language: Greek | Release Year: 2021
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An ideal book for those who have excluded meat -or all animal products- from their lives and
are looking for new tasty ways to add flavor to their daily diet, as well as for those who just
want to reduce meat from their diet. For all of them - but also for those meat eaters who are
open to explore another aspect of cooking - Akis Petretzikis gathered in this book recipes,
tips, pictures, and…flavors that will be unforgettable to anyone who tries them.

In these pages, Akis Petretzikis shares with you over 140 vegetarian and vegan recipes.
Recipes for appetizers, salads, main dishes, and snacks. For delicious desserts, sauces capable
of adding flavor to any dish, as well as meat-free variations of dishes which -traditionally-
contain meat among their main ingredients.

This cookbook was a challenge for me! Why? Because I decided to prove that meat is not the
only way to a satisfying, nutritious, and delicious meal. The challenge had to do with the fact
that meat has entered our lives for good and has become a big part of our diet. But really,
what can we make without it? "Countless things!", I’ll answer you! I share many of them
with you, through the pages of this book. A book that was not written just for vegetarians or
vegans. That does not include "must" and "must not". But it has over 140 tried and tested
recipes for a life with less meat, but even more flavor!

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