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Pasta Frying Pan Red

Product code: 200.471
A deep frying pan, ideal for pasta with a non-stick coating. Suitable for induction hobs. Diameter: 28cm.
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A frying pan suitable for pasta. Its special design facilitates the stirring and even distribution of the sauce and the other ingredients of your food.

This frying pan has a non-stick coating and is suitable for induction hobs.

There are some utensils that - really - make our life easier in the kitchen! This particular pan is definitely one of them. What makes it more special than a simple pan? It is specially designed to cook a pasta recipe with absolute success, since-thanks to its special design- it allows us to easily mix all the ingredients together, while helping our sauce go all over our food. The result? A flavorful, complete dish - delicious from the first to the last bite!



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