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Baking Pans

Red Baking Pan Rectangular Non-stick 42x29cm

Product code: 200.00170
Aluminum rectangular baking  42x29x5cm with non-stick coating.
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This is the classic baking pan found in every home but in it's new and improved version: Fortified with a non-stick coating along with super color.

Our line of baking pans are available in a round or rectangular shape that come in different sizes in order to cover your any and every need!

Hmmm... Let me think… What have i made in this specific line of baking pans? Where do i begin? Sweet and savory pies, stuffed vegetables, vegetabley medleys, roasts, souffles and anything else you can imagine!!! I've really put them to the test and have decided that they are the ones i will always trust blindly! 

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