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Pastry Molds

3D Spherical-shaped Mold

Product code: 200.00125
This original 3D mold is perfect for creating 3D cakes. It is easy to use and evenly bakes the cake. Diameter: 15cm
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Do you want to make a cake different than all the others? Then this is the perfect mold for you!

Using this particular mold, you can create two hemispheres that you can later join using some buttercream for example. Then, you can cover the surface with buttercream, glaze or sugar paste!

If you think the ball is the only shape you can do with this mold, you’re wrong! You could set one of the hemispheres on top of a rectangular cake creating an island on top of a sea or a mountain on top of green fields with animals. You could use is to make a ladybug or create a ball, joining both hemispheres. All you will need is imagination, patience, the ingredients and this mold and you’ll create a cake different than any other.

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