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Pastry Tools

Stainless Steel Rack For Cakes And Cookies Dimensions 43x30cm.

Product code: 200.00069
Ideal for cakes and cookies to cool or drain easily and evenly. Made out of a smooth, durable material that provides the best results for its use and lasts over time. 
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Do you want your cakes and cookies to cool without retaining any moisture? Do you want to let your sweets drain from excess syrup? Then this wire rack is exactly what you need!  

This is an item you should definitely choose if you love baking. A durable wire rack that has been tried and tested and will last over time. It will help all of your sweets, cakes, cookies and desserts turn out perfectly!

You may think that it isn't a necessity but in reality it will really help you in ways you can't even imagine! It can do all the work for you. What can it do? Cool cakes and cookies and even help you add syrup to your sweets evenly! I use it all the time, since when it comes to baking, even the smallest detail plays such an important role to achieve the perfect result.

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