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Cooking Utensils

Curved Spatula Stainless Steel 20 cm

Product code: 200.00264
Do you love pastry cooking? Then, this curved spatula is a utensil that shouldn’t be missing from your kitchen.
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Spreading cream onto a freshly baked cake was never that easy! Of course, you can use this particular spatula to spread chocolate praline, jam, or any kind of filling on your cake.

For the creation of the particular spatula range, Akis cooperates with the well-known Spanish company ARCOS, which specializes in the production of commercial and home kitchen equipment.


It is a simple utensil but it can make your life easier in the kitchen, and help you in accomplishing a more beautiful result each time you decide to create a homemade, handmade cake or any other dessert that requires a…cream. Personally, I undoubtedly recommend it. In fact, in the same range, there are other designs and sizes available. You only have to choose the one that will be the most convenient for you.


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