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Cooking Kit

Whipped Cream Shaker

Product code: 200.361
Make delicious, homemade whipped cream easily and quickly, using the “Creazy” shaker.
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All you have to do in order to make your own, homemade whipped cream is to add the ingredients inside, according to the measurement markings on the jar. Then, add the 3 creazy balls, shake well for less than a minute, and your whipped cream is ready!

With this shaker, you can prepare your own homemade whipped cream easily, quickly, without the use of electric utensils. Lastly, apart from its preparation, the jar can be also used to store the whipped cream in your refrigerator.

How smart can that product be? Without electric power, simply with your hands, it gives you the ability to prepare your own, homemade, fresh whipped cream in less than one minute!

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