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Cooking Utensils

BBQ Tool Set with Wooden Handle

Product code: 200.00151
The set includes spatula, tongs and brush. The wooden handles will protect your hands from het transfer, while their non-slip surface will give you a firmer grip. Length: 37 cm.
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How useful can a BBQ tool set be for someone who regularly has BBQs? Incredibly useful! Why? Because it helps to handle meat in the best possible way, “sealing” their taste at the same time.

A good set of BBQ tools is the alpha and the omega for BBQ-lovers. This particular set will help you do your job easier, more precisely and – of course – safely!

When you are having a BBQ, you must have the best tools! Tools that will help you handle the meat easier and above all, safer. This particular set is perfect for all experienced BBQers and those who are taking their first steps in the BBQ-world!

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