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Cooking Utensils

Kitchen Scoop Fiber Glass

Product code: 200.00061
Kitchen scoop made out of durable nylon fiber glass suitable for food. Exceptionally durable up to 250C (482F) and ideal for non-stick or ceramic cookware.
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Now you don't have to place the pasta or potatoes in the pot or pan with bare hands. All you have to do is use this amazing kitchen scoop and you can remove cooked foods from boiling water or scorching oil, safely and with one quick... scoop!

This particular scoop is made out of an innovative Fiber Glass nylon materal, that makes it exceptionally durable in temperatures that can even reach 250ΟC (4532F). 

A unique utensil that I highly recommend for each and every one of you! It is durable, useful and friendly towards all of your non-stick and ceramic cookware.

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