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Pastry Tools

Disposable Pastry Bags 32 cm - 50 pcs

Product code: 200.00242
Pack of 100 disposable pastry bags, made out of high quality material that can be used with or without pastry tips. 
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Why wash a pastry bag over and over when you can use one that is fresh and clean? This product was produced for your ease but also for your safety, since you won’t have to worry about whether or not you cleaned your pastry bag in the proper manner and as thoroughly as possible! 

Not one, not two but 50 disposable pastry bags are here to turn all of your decorating endeavors into a fun, easy game! They are less expensive and much safer than traditional pastry bags. 

If you think that pastry bags are used just for decorating sweets, you are mistaken! Of course they are ideal to help you embellish your cakes, cupcakes and all sorts of desserts… but imagine what a nice presentation your dish would have if you used a pastry bag to pipe out your mashed potatoes… or how beautiful your potato croquettes would be if they were piped out of your pastry bag straight into a pan of hot oil (a pastry bag fitted with a star pastry tip). There are countless ways to use a pastry bag. This is exactly why it is such an indispensable tool in your kitchen!  

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