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Pastry Tools

Plastic Non-Stick Fondant Rolling Pin Fondant Cake Dough Roller

Product code: 200.00181
Plastic Non-Stick Fondant Rolling Pin Fondant Cake Dough Roller. Dim 23cm
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Paste for pastry with guiding rings for perfect thickness! It is non-stick and will help you easily and quickly open the sugar paste without adding extra sugar and without altering the color of the material.

Made out of a durable and tested material, this particular sugar paste smoother will become your new best friend when it comes to decorating your sweets and desserts! 

You are always asking me how to cover your cakes in sugar paste. Yes, it may not be so easy for some of you, but tools like this one make the whole process easier and the result… better! This tool will help you give a perfect, smooth finish to your cake and also create the perfect base for the rest of the decorating process. 

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