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Magazine Akis Petretzikis Issue no. 3 Winter 2017-18

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In the winter issue of «Akis Petretzikis»,it’s a Christmas celebration but above all, it’s a celebration of Winter by making savory and sweet recipes that are able to heat you up every moment of the day!
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As always, I will be sharing all of my culinary secrets, tips and techniques with you so that you can enjoy super delicious recipes both in and out of your home! ;-) You can find all of this and more… ONLY in the pages of this issue!

A unique cooking magazine! It is here to help you enter the world of good cooking! Through the four different issues – one for each season of the year – you can learn how to experiment with simple but innovate ingredients and discover new paths to amazing flavor!

In this issue, I will be talking about Chocolate… Ahhh, chocolate… Winter is always connected to the aroma and flavor of chocolate…. This is why I have prepared the yummiest chocolate desserts for you! I have also created wonderful gifts that you can make with simple ingredients and give them to your friends and family before, during or after the holidays. But, you know what? This isn’t the Christmas issue! It may be celebratory, but, above all, it is…. wintery! It is here to warm up your days and your heart. How? With steaming soups, baked potatoes in 5 different ways and sweets made with coffee in just 15 minutes!! I also have gluten free snacks for you as well as a dinner for two that will be unforgettable (for both of you!)!!

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