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Magazine Akis Petretzikis Ιssue No2 | Fall 2017

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How many times have we seen Akis Petretzikis in his kitchen? “Billions” you will answer! But each time he finds a way to impress us by creating the most delicious, imaginative recipes! This time, in order to fulfill the needs of the magazine “Akis Petretzikis”, by Attikes Publishing on the 12th of October, he decided to “experiment” with the flavors and aromas of fall in order to create unique recipes that can be enjoyed any time of day.
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This is the best season to combine various fruit and vegetables with all sorts of spices and bring to life these wonderful recipes that are full nature’s aromas! The time has come to discover, taste and experiment with new spices and different combinations of ingredients that you may not be used to. The final result will be worth it! 

A unique cooking magazine! It is here to help you enter the world of good cooking! Through the four different issues – one for each season of the year – you can learn how to experiment with simple but innovate ingredients and discover new paths to amazing flavor!

This issue is an Ode to Fall. It has been made to help you keep up with its quick pace and enjoy its more peaceful moments. Wonderful recipes that you can make in just minutes when the clock is ticking, a little snack for the afternoon when time seems to pass slowly… and wonderful creations for the weekend when the door closes and your appetite seems to go wild! Special Sunday treats when you simply want to step into the kitchen and make a special sweet or savory…  little something! Finally, with this issue, you can also put an end to the age-old question “what should I cook tomorrow?” because with these recipes, anything you make… will be great! ;-)     

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