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Magazine Akis Petretzikis Summer Issue 2017

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n this issue we will show you how to organize the perfect BBQ and help you discover the most… summery side of Pasta. Create 
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Tasty recipes that have been tried and tested, cooking tips, what’s new on the market and lots of very tasty information that can change your perspective on cooking. In this issue, let’s honor summer! 

A unique cooking magazine! It is here to help you enter the world of good cooking! Through the four different issues – one for each season of the year – you can learn how to experiment with simple but innovate ingredients and discover new paths to amazing flavor!

Flipping through the pages of this magazine, I’d like for you to take a closer look at the healthy recipes and quick snacks I have for you. These recipes will make your life so much simpler while you are on your summer vacation but also after you return. They will help you “tear” the kids away from the computer screen by getting them into the kitchen! Summer is the ideal season to experiment with various new ingredients and introduce them to new flavors!  You can help them become more interested in cooking but also to understand the value of healthy, nutritious cooking, through delicious recipes that are fun to make! 

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