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Large shaker pancakes

Cooking Kit

Pancakes Shaker Vegan

Product code: 200.356
Do you love pancakes, crepes, and all these treats? Then, without a doubt, you have to invest in this product in order to make delicious, homemade pancakes and crepes, whenever you want! Dimensions: 9x9x22cm.
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All you have to do in order to prepare your own, homemade vegan pancakes is to follow the measurement markings that are on the shaker and add the ingredients needed. Moreover, you can use this utensil to make vegan crepes or waffles, but also to store the dough of certain preparations in the refrigerator.

The recycled cardboard gift box contains a graduated glass jar with lid and spout, grid, and metal strainer. It is dishwasher safe.



We are here to make your lives in the kitchen better, and this is a utensil that can -undoubtedly- help you prepare some recipes more easily, like crepes, waffles, and the all-time favorite pancakes -all in their vegan version. All you need to do is gather the ingredients needed and follow the instructions. Next step? Bake them…serve them with your favorite toppings, and -of course!- enjoy them!

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