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Just Chocolate

Product code: 300.00002
Unique recipes especially for chocolate. Pages: 160 | Dimensions: 17x22 | First Release Year: 2016              
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A cook book full of spectacular, unique recipes as well as ideas, tips, information and secrets, especially for chocolate. This ultimate book of chocolate, made with all my love and the special care of Nestlé Dessert couverture, will tempt you to bite into it before you even make the recipes!

The book is available only in Greek language.

First edistion: Patakis Publications, 2016-2020, 12.000 copies

Second edition: Psichogios Publications A.E., May 2021, 6.000 copies

The book “Just Chocolate” was released in 2016 by Pataki Publications. It is a journey, following the trail of the best chocolate in the world. This was how my trip to Switzerland was planned. I visited a small town named Vevey, which houses the Nestlé headquarters, on lake Geneva with a goal in mind: To discover the secrets of chocolate from the specialists – those who make the best chocolates in the world.

Our trip took place in June 2016. Luck was on our side as the weather was clear and sunny. We visited Broc to find Nestlé’s Chocolate Centre of Excellence. It is a factory, a chocolate museum and also the place where chocolate workshops are held for schools, consumers or anyone who is interested. There Adeline and Vanessa, researchers in food technology, explained the correct way to taste chocolate based on the 5 senses! I also had the honor of personally meeting Geraldine Mueller-Maras, the best chocolatier in the world, for 2015. Together we worked with chocolate and talked about its techniques and secrets.  Our trip could not be considered complete without a visit to the Nestle chocolate factory. We were given the rare and unique opportunity to take a step by step look at all the stages of the production of chocolate, naturally under the strictest rules of hygiene and special attire. Before we left we visited the museum of chocolate with a quick tour through the basic history of the cocoa tree and its fruit!


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