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Chopping Boards

Beech Chopping Board - Small

Product code: 200.255
This chopping board made out of beech wood is great to use for serving cold cuts, meats, cheeses and anything else you like! It is available in 3 sizes so you can choose the one that serves you best! Size: 18x34 cm.
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A cutting board is not only a very important tool in your kitchen, it is also a beautiful decorative element. The basic requirement for both is that it is stable, durable, tried and tested as well as able to “take the heat”!

This cutting board combines functionality and appearance. It will win the place it deserves in any kitchen as it will help you prep your food easier and protect your countertops from sharp knife blades.

I have a cutting board in all of my kitchens; my professional kitchens and my kitchen at home. It’s a must have! Non-slip, durable and of course, tried and tested, just like the one you see here!

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