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Cutting Board Big

Product code: 200.483
Cutting board from natural oak wood, with handmade processing and organic finish. Made in Italy. Dimensions: 54x34x40cm. Weight: 5.5 kg
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An original cutting board which will help you cut your food safely, while at the same time it will protect your worktop from scratches.

This cutting board is made in Italy by LegnoArt. It has a special handmade processing and organic finish, which makes it very safe for your kitchen, as well as its non-skid feet. You will find it in different dimensions in order to choose the best one, always according to your needs and space.

A cutting board is a must-have item in any kitchen. This and a good general-purpose knife are all you will need to start, continue, and complete any recipe that involves chopping ingredients. The best part? It helps you to safely perform any task and keeps your kitchen clean! The main requirement? To make sure you clean it thoroughly; something that will help you keep it by your side for many years.

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