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Cooking Utensils

Spider Strainer Spoon

Product code: 200.00146
Made from inox with a thin sieve of 13 cm diameter, it is the perfect option to strain your food.
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Cetain utensils should not be missing from your kitchen drawer! These deep spoons are indespensable! You can use them for pasta, rice, or soups. Slotted or not, two things are of importance: easy use and duraibility. Now if they also come in a nice design, even better!

It is imperative to clean your spoons (and each one of your kitchen utensils) thoroughly after each use, in order to keep them in perfect condition. So, don't forget to wash them and dry them with a clean kitchen towel.

I can never have enough of these spoons! I think that each one is especially designed for its intended use, so it is smart to invest in a good set that will last for a lifetime!

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