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Pastry Tools

Octopus Cookie Cutter

Product code: 200.00136
Stainless steel cookie cutter, perfect if you want to make original, summer-themed cookies. Dimensions: 8cm.
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Children party? Baptism? Creative fervor? You have a lot of reasons to use these cookie cutters and to make your cookies.

The stainless steel used in this specific cookie cutter makes it even more durable, while the various shapes give you a lot of options to create the most beautiful summer cookies.

Imagination takes center stage in your kitchen! It is very important to have various tools that will help you to make anything you have imagined! These cookie cutters will make it possible for you to create an original sweet (or savory) ocean floor! Apart from cookies, you can also use these cookie cutters to make beautiful canapes giving various shapes to bread, cheese, turkey! The only thing you need to do is use these cookie cutters to cut your ingredients and then assemble your canapes!

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