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Wedding Candy

Wedding Candy Snob Creme Brulee 500gr

Product code: 400.00016
A whole toasted almond with a milk chocolate filling and a Creme Brulee flavored coating of sugar. Do you want to order more than 5 kilos? Then, just click on "Purchase Information".
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You can't imagine a dragee candy without an almond? Then this is the choice for your! All of them have a toasted almond in the center and are available in 5 wonderful flavors so that you can choose the one you like best: Milk Chocolate, Straciatella, Bitter Chocolate 72%, Cappuccino and Crème Brulee. Each package includes 110-120 pieces.

Have you tried these candies and found them to be even tastier than you imagined? Then, if you want need more than 5 kilos, you can order them by email at info@akiseshop.com or by phone at 210 63 98 155.

Some of life's most beautiful moments are “tied in” with certain special flavors. This is what i had in mind when i decided to add this paritcular line of dragee candy to my e-shop... shelves!  You can trust them blindly for wedding favors, baptism favors or for any other special moment in your life that you want to wrap in a sweet package!   

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