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Aluminum Red Cooking Pot With Glass Lid Diameter 24cm

Product code: 200.358
  An aluminum cooking pot, suitable for all stovetops, with a lid from durable glass and a silicone rim. Diameter: 24cm.
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This cooking pot has a non-stick surface and cast handles with removable silicone handle grips. It is made to withstand high temperatures, while it does not contain PFOA (that is, there are no toxic emissions in case of overheating).

This cooking pot is suitable for all stovetops – gas, electric, ceramic, and induction. It comes in three sizes, 20, 24 and 28 cm.

I have told you -countless times- how much I enjoy finding the best products and kitchen accessories. This cooking pot is definitely among them since it offers everything one might ask from a pot, while the fact that it does not contain PFOA -which means that in case of overheating, there will be no toxic emissions- makes its use totally safe for the whole family. Lastly, due to its unique design, it manages to make our kitchen even prettier!

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