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Pots / Casseroles

Pot Non-stick Diameter 18cm

Product code: 200.00027
Olive Fest, aluminum sauce pan Νο18. Slandia non-stick coating. Quality guaranteed by Whitford.
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Are you afraid that your food might stick to the bottom? Don't worry! That won't happen in this large saucepan! It has been tried and tested and when the going gets rough, this pot gets going! It can take it and it ties in perfectly with the rest of the products from the 

This saucepan's guaranteed quality and unique design are 2 very important reasons to make it a very good investment! 

A non-stick pan, like this saucepan can help you… cook even if you aren't so good at it. The only thing you need to do is... trust it and carefully follow the recipe!!!

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