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Baking Pans

Round Glass Baking Dish Small

Product code: 200.00196
A baking dish that is oven-safe, but also freezer-safe. Diameter: 26 cm
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The glass is a totally safe material (we just have to be careful not to break it). Moreover, it is beautiful. So this baking dish has three main positive elements: You can use it not only for the baking but also for the freezing of your dishes, while if you want, you can -after they are prepared- serve them in it.  

In this particular range, you can find one more baking dish larger in size, and also a rectangular cake pan. 

A glass baking dish is necessary to every kitchen, especially when it is a baking dish that we can use not only in the oven but also in the refrigerator. I often use them just to serve some foods, e.g. my steamed vegetables. You can really make anything with a dish like this in your cupboard.

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