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Wok Non-stick Diameter 28cm

Product code: 200.00047
Magic Fest, aluminum Wok No 28. Teflon Classic non-stick coating. Quality guaranteed by Chemours.
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If you think that you can only cook Chinese food in a wok, you are very mistaken!!! You can use it to make everything: soups, appetizers, vegetables, meats and even seafood!!! If you feel like it, you can even make sweets in it! 

Thanks to its non-stick surface, the food won't stick or burn in it. The only thing you have to do is keep it in good condition by avoiding scratches from metallic utensils when cooking in it. 

I really love this wok! Why? Because I can use it to cook countless foods quickly and know that they will turn out tasty and healthy (the meat and vegetables need to be finely chopped) ψιλοκομμένα) while only having to use a small amount of oil! 

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