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Cooking Utensils

Oven Glove

Product code: 200.0101
Cotton oven glove, reinforced with silicone and an inner heat-resistant layer. Length: 36cm.
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There is no kitchen without an oven glove. Why? Because it’s essential to every housewife who wants to handle baking pans, ovenproof dishes, and generally any hot object with greater ease and safety.


The fact that this oven glove is reinforced with silicone, makes it perfectly heat resistant while its cotton lining allows you to wash it and have it always clean.

Why keep looking around to find a kitchen towel when you can have this glove right here which -apart from everything else- offers you even more safety? Now, handling baking pans and hot molds from the oven becomes a piece of cake (this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be very careful).

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