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Large froutiera plaini 940x700 Large froutiera 940x700

Fruit Bowl

Black Metallic Fruit Bowl

Product code: 600.00097
A black metallic fruit bowl with a simple design that suits any home! Place it on any countertop and keep your all of your fruit in it! Dimensions: 26.05x25 cm. 
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This nicely designed, practical fruit bowl will look great anywhere! On your kitchen counter, kitchen table or even your dining room table.

Thanks to its unique design and the dark material it is made from, it accentuates the colors of the fruit, making it the ideal fruit bowl!

I like to find pretty new items for my kitchen as well as cookware. Why? Because I believe the kitchen is an “extension” of the living room and should be as beautiful and as nicely organized. This is why I choose only the best for my favorite space and, without a doubt, this particular fruit bowl is one of my favorite items – especially when I see it full of fresh, colorful, seasonal fruit! 

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