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Non-stick Fry Pot with Glass Lid

Product code: 200.495
Aluminum fry pot No 24 with Teflon Classic non-stick coating. It also has a mesh basket and a glass lid.
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It is a high-quality non-stick aluminum cookware piece, which is suitable for both ceramic and electric hobs, as well as for gas hobs. It can also be washed in the dishwasher.

Instructions for use:

1.Before the first use, wash the pot with warm water and smear the inside with oil or butter.

2. Do not overheat the pot when it is empty.

3. Cook over medium heat.

4. Never chop into the pot with sharp tools.

5. Use hot water, dishwashing liquid, and a soft sponge to clean the utensil.

6. Washing in the dishwasher does not reduce the non-stick properties of the pot.

7. The non-stick coating complies with the regulations for food contact materials.

What if you have no idea about cooking? A tried and tested recipe as well as a good utensil can lead you to the perfect result no matter what you decide to prepare! For this very reason, I try to fill the shelves of akiseshop.com with smart utensils and gadgets, so that each of your recipes can be completely successful. One of these utensils is the fry pot you see here. Easy, practical to use, non-stick and -above all- safe, it promises to make cooking easier and become one of your most valuable helpers in the kitchen!

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