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Springform Tart Pan, Diameter 20cm.

Product code: 200.318
Metallic spring form tart pan No 20 with llag non-stick coating, with non-stick coating. It can be used from -60 to +230°C without affecting the sweet's texture.
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With this springform tart pan, baking a tart will now become super easy. Made not only for sweet but also for savory tarts, it will help you come one step closer to the perfect result – at least regarding the appearance of your dessert. All the rest, is up to the recipe :-)

Stainless steel, from which this tart pan is made, gives it incredible durability and makes it one of these products that you buy once and they last for a lifetime.

Do you wonder how cooks and pastry chefs manage to create the perfect tart crusts? One of their secrets is hidden right in this tart pan. Its special design, as well as the fact that it’s a springform pan, makes the particular preparation incredibly easy both for professionals and amateurs! Personally, you will see me using it very often. I totally recommend it!

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