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Pastry Tools

Snowflake Silicone Mold

Product code: 200.504
This is the ultimate mold to create your own gingerbread or chocolate house! Dimensions: 24x25cm.
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This mold is made of 100% silicone, suitable for food preparation. It promises to take your sweet creations to the next level in a completely safe way.

At akiseshop.com, you will find many more molds in various patterns to prepare your festive creations with them.

I will never get bored of saying this: Pastry cooking requires patience, but it also requires the right tools to achieve the best possible result - not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of appearance! That's why I always make sure that I have molds of various designs in my kitchen cabinets. This range includes some of my favorite Christmas patterns that will amaze everyone during the holidays!

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