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Pastry Molds

Square Silicone Mold

Product code: 200.295
Do you want to make a cake…like a professional? Then, the particular silicone mold is what you need! Diam: 24εκ.Χ24εκ.
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Even more impressive desserts? Now, you can do it by using this silicone mold! Easy and practical, it will impress you from the first time that you will use it.

The demanding cooking preparations become easier thanks to some utensils which make their creating process simpler. The goal of this particular mold is exactly that: To help you make your cakes more impressive without needing to put more work into it.

Sometimes, creating beautiful desserts is a lot easier than you think. How? By using “smart” products which can guarantee the best possible result – at least regarding your dessert’s appearance. This mold is undoubtedly one of these!

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Pastry Molds