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Little Feet Silicone Ice Pop Mold

Product code: 200.485
Prepare the classic, all-time favorite ice pop in the shape of a foot by using this silicone mold! Dimensions: 20x11x3cm.
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Create the most delicious, impressive and…playful ice pops by using this silicone mold which will give your ice cream the shape of a foot.

Each package includes a mold which gives 2 ice pops in the shape of a foot and 50 ice cream sticks.

I do not know about you, but this -the funny feet- was my favorite ice pop when I was little! So, I decided to search for a silicone mold that would give me the ability to shape my ice pops like this. I found it and I present it to you with great pleasure! An extra tip? Once you have prepared your ice cream and put it in the mold to freeze, dip its…toes in melted chocolate, colorful sprinkles, cookies, or whatever you can imagine for an even more impressive and…delicious result!

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