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Pastry Molds

Creme Caramel Mold Pan Non-stick Diameter 8cm

Product code: 200.00040
Magic Fest, aluminum round creme caramel mold pan No 8. Teflon Classic non-stick coating. Quality guaranteed by Chemours.
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This mold can give the shape you like to your dessert! Its non-stick surface can guarantee that it won't stick to the bottom and sides of the mold pan and ruin its appearnace. Generally, all that you want from a mold pan is here! 

Simple as well as special mold pans for particular sweets, such as halvah or creme brulee, with a non-stick coating that come in various sizes. The Magic Fest line has got your every need covered! 

You asked me for mold pans that I personally use to make my cakes and all my other desserts and sweets. From now on, you can find them all here!  Mold pans for halva, creme caramel, cakes and anything else you can imagine! I trust them completely and can guarantee that they are the best!!!

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Pastry Molds