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Large forma donuts  12 5 20 grid

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Αντικολλητική Φόρμα 6 Θέσεων για Donuts – Bagel

Product code: 200.463
An ideal pan for making donuts or bagels, with a non-stick coating for easy use and cleaning. Dimensions: 26.6x18x2.1 cm.
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Now, making your own homemade donuts or bagels is a piece of cake, thanks to this pan right here!

The dimensions of each cavity are 7x2 cm.

The success of many recipes lies in the details that can make a difference both in the uniform baking, the texture of our dessert, and in its shape. The detail, in this case, is this pan that allows you to create the most delicious donuts or bagels you've ever made! Go to akispetretzikis.com, find the recipe and use this incredibly practical pan that I have for you here, for a completely successful result!

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