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Food Storage

Utensil Container City Square

Product code: 600.00112
A stylish container to help keep your kitchen utensils nice and clean! It is beautiful, practical and with a nice design! Size: O11x16 cm.
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This particular container is so pretty, that one could think that it is a decorative vase! But.. its purpose is more practical. You can use it to organize your wooden spoons or any other kitchen utensil, like carving forks, spatulas or anything else that is useful for you to have on your kitchen counter.

Pretty and practical, this particular container will help you keep all of your kitchen utensils organized and.. ready for action! There are more items you may like in this line, so that you can create a whole set. 

Organizing your kitchen properly is the most important factor, so that you can enjoy your cooking experience. This particular container allows you to keep all of your kitchen utensils in one place or you can use various containers to organize them as you like. This helps keep your focus on your food instead of wasting time looking for the right utensil in your drawers.

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