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Pastry Tools

Stainless Steel Powder Shaker

Product code: 200.00159
Do you want to sprinkle icing sugar on your desserts? Then this is the tool for you. Height: 16 cm.
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“Sprinkle with icing sugar” gets a new meaning with this tool. Why? Because it’s made for this purpose exclusively. Sprinkling cakes, desserts, and cookies will now be a piece of cake!

Durable, practical, and easy to use. All you have to do is put icing sugar in the container and press the lever to sprinkle your homemade desserts. That simple…

Some use a tea strainer to sprinkle their desserts with icing sugar. It takes more time and more icing sugar. If you are one of those people that think this is an unnecessary tool, then I’ll say only this: Wait ‘til you try it! Why? Because it will make your life easier and your dessert much more beautiful. And the best thing? You can use it to sprinkle your cookies, cakes and donuts not just with icing sugar, but with cocoa ;-)

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