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Cooking Kit

Bamboo Steamer

Product code: 200.0278
Bamboo steamer basket with a lid, 18Χ6cm, 70ml capacity.
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Do you love Asian food? Then, this bamboo steamer is a necessary utensil for your kitchen. Why? Because it will help you cook your favorite Asian dishes in the most delicious and healthy way, as well as any other kind of dishes, e.g. vegetables, meat, or fish.


This utensil allows you to cook your food in steam, by placing it in a pot along with a little water in order to create the steam. The holes of its base allow steam to go through and cook your food. Moreover, the bamboo material absorbs the excess moisture, allowing your food to preserve all of its flavor.



This is the characteristic bamboo steamer that you may all have come across in some restaurant of Asian cuisine. It is ideal for cooking delicious dumplings, but also for cooking the fluffiest, homemade bao buns! Try it and -believe me!- it will become one of your favorite utensils!


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